Get Set for Post-Lockdown
You can almost smell the freedom that comes from post-lockdown Britain, and that means face-to-face contact is back on the cards! After a year of sending far too many emails and taking part in lengthy Zoom meetings, I’m sure we are all excited to actually talk to people for real once again. Certainly the easing of restrictions here in Scotland has meant that our house build is starting to progress - finally. There’s a shortage of many building supplies, but we now have windows, and soon will have roofers over from the mainland to fit the metal roof.
Helen's new house build progress
Helen's new house build progress

The easing of restrictions also means that we can start to utilise graphic design again to engage with potential customers the good old-fashioned way. Business promotion still works incredibly well when you are actually in the heart of your target audience and we will soon see exhibitions, conferences and events starting up (albeit with COVID-19 restrictions in place).

I, for one, look forward to the thought of being able to go to events, trade shows and visit trade showrooms (so I can start planning my new kitchen). And I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to these freedoms - which is why we have highlighted some of the key promotional goodies you can have to hand when you head out and take over the world.

Brand Identity

First up, you need to think about who you are! For example, what are your values? And what do you hope to achieve in the long-run? Once you know, it’s much easier to create a brand that reflects your strategies, helping you to create an image that people can instantly recognise. Even the most basic things like colour choice and tone of voice used with any communication is massively important when building awareness.


You can now market your business and any events you will be taking part in. As people will now be walking around streets once again without any fear of breaking rules, you can be sure that placing posters around will gain you much needed interest in what you offer. Grabbing someone’s attention with either quirky or formal designs is a great way to hand people that all important first impression.


Supplying people with more detail about what you offer can be achieved with immense ease when you design and distribute brochures. Here is your chance to really speak with the customer and explain why your services or products are worth spending money on. This is another great opportunity to enforce your brand with engaging content that delivers key messages in the tone of voice that best suits your target audience.
Brochure for local event venue
Brochure for event venue
Brochure for war memorial tour

Pop Up Banners

When you are delivering information about your business at an exhibition, it can be hugely beneficial having visual aids to assist you when delivering long-winded speeches. With pop-up banners in place, you will again be able to associate your key branding and identity alongside the most important selling points that aim to set you apart from your main competition. When all is said and done, any business that has spent time to create tangible marketing tools are going to look like they are here to make a real impact!

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Don’t wait any longer if you are thinking about taking advantage of physical contact between business owners and customers once again. Whether you are a small or start-up business or a larger, corporate business, we can deliver promotional materials with the right design that fits with the vision of your business. So, contact us today and let’s discuss what you are looking for!