Reflecting on a busy (and rather interesting) year
At the start of 2020, we gave you the exciting update that our Scottish dreams were finally being realised, and in January, we made the move to the Isle of Arran permanently. I think it’s safe to say that for just about everyone, 2020 hasn’t exactly gone to plan, and that too can be said of our house build. It’s getting there slowly and steadily but we’re not quite where we thought we’d be by this stage. 

However, we can’t believe that we’ve been here 10 months and although we’re still in our static caravan preparing for Christmas and another winter... we’re loving every minute and we’re pleased to announce that Jet The Dog is thriving in Scotland!

Despite the challenges of this year, we’ve kept busy helping our clients as they change, adapt and evolve their businesses. We’ve picked up new clients, been working with existing clients and even had previous clients come back to me with new work. All without a hint of tartan!


How have we been helping our clients?

With most businesses having had to make the transition to online, we have been helping to make this transition much smoother for our clients. We have been upgrading dated paper-based brochures and promotional materials to stunning and engaging online experiences. This can especially be said of communication materials such as newsletters and magazines. As we said in our last blog, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with your customers, and online magazines or newsletters are the perfect way to do this. 

This year has also presented the opportunity for a business re-fresh and we’ve been helping a lot of clients re-brand and re-imagine themselves for a better and brighter 2021. With help ranging from a simple logo refresh to a full re-brand, Jet the Dog are the branding experts you need to take this next step in your business. 

What’s next?

Well firstly, we’re hoping to move into our brand new house in 2021! But for Jet the Dog, we’re also hoping to continue to expand our client base to include more Scottish based businesses (seeing as we’re now neighbours!) as well as businesses from across the UK who are looking for high-quality design expertise to help take their business to the next level. If this year has proved anything, it’s that remote working holds no limitations, so no matter if you’re down the road or 300 miles away, our wifi is strong and we will be able to offer you exactly the same level of service. 

Here’s to an exciting and prosperous 2021 - we’re excited to start working with you!