New Normal or New Opportunities
For the majority of people, the past few months have meant adapting to a ‘new normal’. Going back to work more than likely means a different format than before, shopping and going out and about now requires a mask, and big events and gatherings are still on the back burner until things become safer. It’s a new normal, that is, more than likely, here to stay. 

But from change, comes new opportunity, which is what we’ve been helping our clients with recently. Lots of the businesses that we work with on a regular basis are having to change and adapt the way that they work to be able to continue to offer their products and services effectively. The changes we’ve helped them implement have either been helping them to adapt the way they work, how they advertise their business or what they do completely. 

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some examples of the work we’ve completed recently in the hope that it might motivate some change within your business (if it’s needed!) and provide some inspiration on how to embrace the change that COVID has brought upon us all. 

The client that inspired the biggest change in our mindset was the Institute of Osteopathy, who we’ve been working with for many years and who have, throughout lockdown, been extremely positive in getting osteopaths to embrace the change and work within the new guidelines. We’ve been helping them to communicate this message to their members via PDF brochures/magazines.

We then helped another long-term client, the Garden House Hospice, transition into more online events and promotion to support their fundraising. For them, I’ve been creating PDF brochures, downloadable leaflets and social media posts.

Lastly, another long-term client, Stevenage Injury Clinic, quickly identified that they needed to offer virtual classes. So we’ve been helping them to communicate these new classes via regular PDF newsletters. 

So, whilst we’re all riding this new wave of change together, don’t forget that it can also bring new opportunities.
If you’d like to speak to us about any new ideas you’ve had, please feel free to contact us here.